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Fireclick makes Web analytics easy through a hosted application service that automatically gathers and stores data for online businesses. No set-up fee. No training fee. No expensive consulting required. To report, present, and share the analysis of data, Fireclick provides a comprehensive suite of tools unmatched in the industry. Fireclick provides integration of Web analytics with paid search engines, e-mail providers, affiliate programs and more in order to provide a consolidated view of all site activity.

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About the Fireclick Index

Fireclick's integration with email marketing services 

Fireclick now offers a range of integrated email marketing solutions for remarketing and customer segmentation.

Dramatically increase your email marketing conversion rate.

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Fireclick is proud to offer a publicly available version of its industry leading web analytics benchmarking index at http://index.fireclick.com!

The Fireclick Index, part of Fireclick's comprehensive web analytics solution, gives Fireclick customers access to over 30 key metrics and performance indicators across a number of different segments. Our customers are using the Fireclick Index on a daily basis to observe industry trends and get a complete picture of how their online business is really performing relative to their peers!

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