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About Us

Who we are

Fireclick, a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital River, Inc., provides a comprehensive Web analytics solution that offers online businesses real-time, actionable information about their customers. The sophisticated data delivered by the application service can be used to improve operating results, run more effective marketing campaigns, create a better user experience, and increase overall site traffic, revenues and profits.

Who our customers are

Fireclick's solution is currently being used worldwide by a growing number of Digital River's 40,000 software publishers, manufacturers, distributors and online retailers. Our customers include Woodcraft, Air Canada, The North Face, and Symantec.

What we offer

Fireclick is a hosted application service with comprehensive business intelligence functionality that is easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to maintain.

Our advanced browser-based report-building interface allows online businesses who need data warehouse functionality to answer questions such as "which products do I promote to repeat visitors in the northeast in the spring?" and "what is the buying behavior of visitors who spend more than 15 minutes on the site?"

Fireclick offers service levels (suites) to provide the appropriate functionality for different business needs.

Fireclick provides the following capabilities:

  • Basic site statistics for any site that derives revenue through taking orders online.
  • Real time traffic statistics (page views, unique visitors, etc.).
  • e-commerce tracking (conversions, revenue, etc.).
  • Marketing campaign tracking - answers how visitors arrived at the site, where they go, and why they leave- as well as measuring the relative effectiveness and ROI of each (e-mail, paid search, natural search, affiliates, banners, etc.).
  • Advanced merchandising analysis for online businesses, including conversion and revenue tracking by product category, sub-category, or individual SKU detail.
  • Unique ability to build on-the-fly customized segmentation reports and perform detailed historical analysis.


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